Most Recent Education

University of California, San Diego | Ph.D. Communication: ABD September 2021

San Diego State University | M.A., History: December 2015

San Diego State University | Community College Teaching Certificate: May 2015

Interdisciplinary Teaching & Scholarship
Communication, Gender Studies, History, Humanities, Music, Theater & Film

grunge | Geomusicology | Sound Studies | Film Studies | Performance Studies Drift|Digital Humanities Pedagogy Design |19th and 20th-century U.S. History | 20th-century Europe | Critical Gender Studies | Girls’ Studies | Multi-Modal Scholarship | Queer & Feminist Musicology | Sci-fi Pop/ Dystopias | Visual Culture | Applied Interactive & Mixed Reality Teaching |Rock, Riot Grrrl, Industrial and punk

Digital Humanities Work

Interdisciplinary Research, Skills, & Curricula Design
Focusing on digital diversity for adaptive, inverted, and interactive learning

deFORMANCE & DIY Projects | Teamwork Skills | Data Visualization | Concept Mapping | AR & VR |
Interactive Essays | Multi-modal Research & Presentations | Digital Syllabi | DH Research Guides |
Digital Curation & Publishing | DH Best Practices | Archival Work | Accessibility | Fair Use |

Selected Software Platforms

Adobe  Acrobat Pro, Adobe  Premier; Apple Products & Software; Audio Capturing/Editing [Tascam DR-100
MKII]; Augmented Reality Applications, CRM Software; Email Marketing Platforms;, Learning
Management Systems, Microsoft  Office Suite, HoloLens, and SMART Board™; Open Source Authoring &
Publishing Platforms; Polling Software; Productivity Software Applications; Social Media Platforms; Team Meeting
Platforms; Timeline/GeoTemporal Software; Video Production [Canon 80D, Canon XA-10, Sony Nx3]; Vimeo;
Web-based Management Systems; WordPress and Wix; VR Platforms [HTC VIVE™, and Oculus Rift]. 

Digital Humanities Research Groups

University of California San Diego Digital Humanities Research Group Sept 2017-June 2020 This interdisciplinary group consists of graduate students, faculty administrators and staff from multiple departments. Applied research is focused on DH pedagogy, scholarship, and skill-building. 

Digital Humanities Initiative at San Diego State University Fall 2014-May 2017             As a student member and trainer I created DH pedagogy practices for Humanities classes (Digital Learning Activities, Lesson Plans, Rubrics, and Surveys). As a trainer, I demonstrated the functionality of multi-modal technology platforms for both research and pedagogy.

  • ReBOOT 2015 | Presenter & Trainer
  • DHSocCal THATCamp The Humanities and Technology Camp Fall 2014 | Participant
  • SDSU Digital Humanities Faculty Research Group | Member & Digital Trainer 
  • Cyberfronterismos Colloquium March 5, 2015| Panelist

NEH Grant: Level 1 Start-Up San Diego, CA Sept 2015-May 2016
Building and Broadening the Digital Humanities Through a Regional Network
SDSU Participant
Over the course of one year, this group of 30 faculty members from the San Diego region gathered to innovate digital pedagogy and Digital Humanities (DH) best practices for institutions serving diverse student populations.
Led the working group HACKING the HUMANITIES Lesson. Helped faculty create Digital Pedagogy Options for HACKS to serve students in a wide-range of higher-education institutions (R1 to Community College) in San Diego.
Designed an interactive learning resource for HACKS (digital learning activities with written, technological, and creative components). The resource also includes student learning instructions and objectives, and rubric.
Created a supplemental visual and sonic source containing; theory (DADA, Kandinsky, Situationist International, etc.); instructions and reflections from students in H110 (2015); audiovisuals from punk, riot grrrl, and grunge artists.

Digital Humanities Pedagogy

DH Learning Activities

Applied Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Humanities Classes

Working Out of Two of SDSU’s Learning Resource Studios, I developed VR and AR Learning Activities as digital labs in order to physically apply theoretical material.

Layered Student Research

Beginning in 2016, I connected digital archives of student visual artifacts of knowledge into digital learning activities in upper division Humanities Classes. The result is an interactive repository of student experiences (essays, HACKS, and discussion posts) that are connected across disciplines encompassing five years of student work.

With a focus on student-led learning in the Humanities classroom, I have created models for inspiring analysis and discovery into audiovisual learning activities called HACKS. These are digital critiques [deFORMANCE] of course material and social constructions of gender, race, sex/sexuality, ethnicity, location/geography, class, religion, and time. Learning outcomes in this model are enhanced with student participation in the design of the activities and include technological and interdisciplinary fluencies.

Digital Humanities Courses

American Culture (HUM370) online Summer 2017 – Summer 2018
This virtual class explores the multivalent applications, meanings, and values of 20th-century American [sub]culture(s). We will observe “style” and body movements as challenging ideas of respectability to assert distinctive identities. Some principal postures that will be examined in detail are: how gender, race, class, sexuality, and ethnicity are “performed” through music, art, lyrics, and literature. Following identity, we will also correlate regionalities where countercultures are invented and evolved. Additionally, we will acknowledge the role of media in reinscribing mainstream culture, and the meaning of “celebrity” as a representation of modern social mobility. Most importantly, this is an inverted, team-based seminar module-course utilizing ZOOM, WordPress, Instagram, and Youtube.

American Culture (Honors HUM370) Jan 2017-May 2018
DH Collaboration with Love Library Special Collections andITS Learning Resource Studio
This class engages with countercultures and subcultures as they struggle against the sanctioned behaviors of mainstream 19th and 20th-century America and claim their aesthetic territory through multivalent, politically articulate and illicit performances. Students conduct critical screenings of documentary and mediated film and specifically engage with HBO®’s Foo Fighter’s Sonic Highways series. Finally, this is an interactive class using new media and digital platforms in a Learning Research Studio. This specialized environment supports students as they learn new technologies, create digital expressions of course topics, discuss theory and critique visualizations.

The Future (Honors HUM409) Aug 2016-Dec 2018
DH Collaboration with Love Library Special Collections & Media Center, NEH Grant, and ITS Learning Resource Studio
This class engages with speculative, pop-ontological, and techno-anxiety inducing
sci-fi to explore the broad spectrum of realities presented in visual as well as written narratives. Students conduct critiques of the social constructions of bodies and spaces in “The Future” through media-specific analysis and digital platforms. The experimental learning space supports student collaborative learning, interactive visualizations, and multi-modal discussions. Additionally, the use of Virtual Reality (HTC VIVE) is used to physically answer questions of reality and perception.

Digital Collaboration HACKINTOHISTORY  (H110) Spring 2015
Featured Course at SDSU CTL Digital Pedagogy Showcase May 12, 2015
Teaching Associate and Co-Director of H110
Re-designed U.S. History (Reconstruction through 21st-Century) to incorporate Digital Humanities learning activities for 450 students. Lectures and sections taught and encouraged students to observe multiple iterations of events, artifacts, technology, music, etc. through the lenses of gender, race, religion, and class. Building upon the format of History I, students discussed and digitally interpreted history topics in an inverted class setting. Through creative analytical assignments such as “HACKS” and microessays/MACROHACKS, students interrogated and deconstructed the historical narrative through deFormance approaches. Formal essays also engaged the digital, allowing students to study visual media and music as critical avenues of investigation in their topics of interest.

Technology Integration Pilot in U.S. History I (H109) Fall 2014
Teaching Associate and Digital Facilitator
Initiated the use of timeline and blogging technology platforms in two sections of undergraduate history (approx. 58 students). Students learned principals of Digital Humanities to engage with primary and secondary sources. Learning Outcomes included: Diversified Technological Abilities: Students demonstrated working knowledge of uploading, curating, and displaying PDFS, Mp3s, JPGs in addition to organizing important events and people in chronological and interactive spatialization; Written Communication/Digital Publishing: Students analyzed course material in the form of blog posts and comments, essays, tagging descriptions, and artifact details; Critical Thinking: Students identified, compared, and constructed new creative artifacts of examination for early American History through the Civil War.

Digital Humanities Publications

Digital Thesis: Montezuma Publishing (December 2015)
grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertextuality
Grunge Feminism is a multi-modal work presenting a non-linear and completely interactive reader experience. The thesis has intensionally embedded multimedia primary sources for three-dimensional engagement and examination that open up new interpretative opportunities that expand beyond the work itself. This thesis is the first interactive scholarly work produced by a History M.A. student at San Diego State University.
Claiming that the history of grunge and the meaning of its musical expression has suffered as a result of its early categorization as a hyper-masculinized rock genre, this thesis explores grunge as a performative feminism. Grunge feminism questions late 20th-century American concepts of gender, sexuality, and feminism through queered and Camped lyrics, vocals, and speech. The thesis focuses on Courtney Love as a queer provocateur who deliberately deconstructed gender in the 1990s and successfully weakened the ability of the commercialized music industry to commodify the female body and its associated binary gender constraints.

Selected Conference Presentations

Hacking History with Layered Student Research
Western Historical Association Conference San Diego, CA., November 2, 2017.

PANELIST: Beyond Edutainment: Teaching & Learning with Immersive Technology
California State University Immersive Learning Summit San Diego, CA., October 27, 2017.

Kurt Cobain: Inverting American Masculinity in Grunge
Popular Culture & American Culture Association Conference; San Diego, CA.
April 13, 2017.

Embracing Diversity and Building Humanities Communities through Layered Student Research
Humanities Education and Research Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA. March 2, 2017

Challenging Reality: Analyzing Visual Artifacts in Humanities Teaching                                

Learning Through Digital Humanities: A Showcase; University of San Diego;
San Diego, CA., October 21, 2016.

grunge feminism
Re/Inventions: Alterna[rra]tives Conference, California State University Long Beach, CA., April 7, 2016.

grunge feminism: The Subversive Hypertextuality of the Queered Voice Performed Through the Body
Popular Culture & American Culture Association Conference Seattle, WA.. March 25, 2016.

The Subversive Voice of Third-Wave Feminism as a Play of Aporia in Grunge
California American Studies Association Annual Conference at CSU Fullerton; Fullerton, CA., April 25, 2015.

African-American Quilts as Cultural Strategies within the Social System of Slavery in Antebellum Louisiana
Southern California Phi Alpha Theta Conference at California Lutheran University; Thousand Oaks, CA., April 26, 2014.

Gender Rebellion in Rock: Examining Courtney Love and Liz Phair as Maxims of Third Wave Feminism
16th Annual History Graduate Student Symposium Fresno State University; Fresno, CA., March 22, 2014.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant | University of California San Diego Sep 2018-Jun 2021 Department of Communication Communication, the Person, and Everyday Life (COMM100A); Communication, Institutions, and Power (COMM100C); Cultural Politics of Sports (COMM11T); Introduction to AudioVisual Practices (COMM101); How to Read a Film (COMM103).

Lecturer | San Diego State University Aug 2016-Aug 2018 Department of Classics & Humanities The Future (HUM409) [Honors & G.E.], American Culture (HUM370) [Honors & G.E. Online]

Teaching Associate & Digital Facilitator | San Diego State University Aug 2014-May 2015
U.S. History (H109-H110); 450 Students; History Department

Graduate Assistant | San Diego State University Aug 2013-May 2014
Holocaust (H440) & World History (H100); 120 Students; History Department
Guest Lecturer | San Diego State University May 6, 2014
History of Sexuality; 120 Students; History Department

Professional Experience

Freelance Web Content Writer & Strategist | Mar 2009-Sept 2013
Specialized in supporting both private clients and marketing companies with creative content for
business websites; e-commerce, marketing materials, social media coordination, email campaigns,
and ad pods.

Principal | Owner, Product Development, & Writer | Dec 2008-Feb 2011
Savvy Cuisine | San Diego, CA
Conceptualized and wrote a culinary blog that grew into creating a line of high-quality, designer aprons
featured online at as well as in local San Diego boutiques.

Staffing Coordinator C.A.C., C.S.P. | Feb 2003-Jul 2007
Pro Tem Legal Services | San Diego, CA
Managed all Talent Recruitment, Training, and Placement for a boutique staffing agency. Responsible
for hiring, composing client contracts, writing HR policy updates, and designing marketing

Early Career | Chicago, IL. Transportation Industry.
Coordinated long-distance logistics as a DOD contractor serving the Transportation Management
Office. Responsible for providing comprehensive customer service for military personnel, maintaining
agent & client relations, and employee training.


The Institute for Arts and Humanities (IAH) Interdisciplinary Research Grant for Digital Humanities Research Group (Principal); University of California San Diego Institute for Arts and Humanities, June 2019.

2019 Summer Research Grant; University of California San Diego Department of Communication, June 2019.

2018 Winter Break Research Award; University of California Department of Communication, November 2018.

Outstanding Faculty Award; San Diego State University Weber Honors College,
May 2017.

Honorable Mention; Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Southern California Regional Conference, April 2015.

Student Research Symposium Dean’s Award, Arts & Letters, San Diego State University, March 2014.

Richard Ruetten Memorial Scholarship, November 2014.

Academic & Professional Associations

University of California Title IX Student Advisory Board Member Jan 2019-June 2020

University of California San Diego GSA Legislative Advocacy Committee (Title IX Subcommittee Lead) Nov 2018-June 2020

San Diego Mesa College Fashion Advisory Board 2012-2018

Society for American Music Mar 2014-Present

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Oct 2015-Present