A Change in Academic Culture is Needed. Now.

“Professional Misconduct is Research Misconduct”Working Group Report to the Advisory Board of NIH.

Follow UCSD GSA Legislative Advocacy Committee

NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey: Dec. 2019

Advancing Protections for Students from Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Higher Ed

Stop Passing the Trash!

UCSD has initiated a Pilot Program for hiring that requires institutional reference checks. Those who work in the private sector are used to protections under Title IX, DFEH, and the EEOC from perpetual harassers-students are not protected.

It is imperative that ALL institutions of higher education create an environment that is conducive to healthy and productive learning and successful research.

UCSD Title IX Student Advisory Board Member (Graduate)

Appointed Jan 2020

Recommend best practices for faculty hiring procedures

Amend Title IX Training to Student Workers

Provide Critical Feedback to the UC Systemwide Title IX Office

Propose policy changes to prevent sexual harassment

GSA Legislative Action Committee

Title IX Working Group
Meet with California State Representatives to advocate for legislation that preserves Title IX and offers additional protections against sexual harassment and violence.