About Me


I am a counter-culture feminist historian and digital humanist conducting multi-disciplinary research in transmedia platforms of scholarship, presentation, and pedagogy. I earned my M.A. in History from San Diego State University where I published the first born-digital interactive thesis; grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertextuality. Currently, I am continuing my work on grunge in the  Communication doctoral program at the University of California San Diego.

As a lecturer in The Department of Classics and Humanities at SDSU I am exploring inverted approaches to teaching Honors and GE Courses utilizing transmedia, deformance, and mixed realities. I work out of the experimental and collaborative environment of the ITS Learning Research Studios, where students utilize state of the art technology to engage in visual analyzations and critique social constructions.

I am a member of  The Society for American Music, The American Historical Association, The Fashion Group International®, The Popular Culture Association/The American Culture Association (PCA/ACA), HERA, and serve on the Fashion Advisory Board for San Diego Mesa Community College.