My Definition of Feminism

The most honest and insightful definition of feminism I’ve EVER experienced. AWESOME. My student’s work. 🙂

History of the middle earth

Feminism to me, as a girl, is just as hard for me to understand, as it is for the guys. The feminist label is a double-edged sword. If I call myself a feminist, I’m seen as an extremist who is always angry at the world, whereas if I don’t call myself a feminist, then people question, “what, you don’t believe in equality?” or “you don’t believe in women’s rights?” Based on the actual definition of feminism, I think that I am a feminist because I support women and their rights/fight for equality. Without the feminists before my time, I probably wouldn’t be here today, in college, getting an education, and bettering myself for an actual career in the world. Equality is something that I don’t think will be achieved in our lifetime, but I think it is something to continuously strive for. Inequality is taught and ingrained in our brains practically since birth, for we have always…

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